Mail List King v1.23 serial key or number

Mail List King v1.23 serial key or number

Mail List King v1.23 serial key or number

Mail List King v1.23 serial key or number

List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (1943–1944)

This is a list of notable accidents and incidents involving military aircraft grouped by the year in which the accident or incident occurred. Not all of the aircraft were in operation at the time. For more exhaustive lists, see the Aircraft Crash Record Office or the Air Safety Network or the Dutch Scramble Website Brush and Dustpan Database. Combat losses are not included except for a very few cases denoted by singular circumstances.

Aircraft terminology[edit]

Information on aircraft gives the type, and if available, the serial number of the operator in italics, the constructors number, also known as the manufacturer's serial number (c/n), exterior codes in apostrophes, nicknames (if any) in quotation marks, flight callsign in italics, and operating units.


January (?)
"Aviation Cadet Henry A. McGinnis, East Falls Church, Va., crashed within a block of his own home recently while on a routine training flight from the Naval Air Base at Anacostia. He was taken to the Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, Maryland, where his condition was reported not serious."[1][2]
1 January
The sole Lockheed XP-49, 40-3055,[3] a development of the P-38 Lightning, first flown 11 November 1942, suffers a crash landing at Burbank, California when the port landing gear fails to lock down due to a combined hydraulic and electrical problem. Pilot was Joe C. Towle. Repaired, it returns to flight on 16 February 1943, and is sent to Wright Field, Ohio, for further testing. Despite improved performance over the P-38, difficulties with the new engines, as well as the success of the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt and the P-51 Mustang, leads to no additional orders or production.[4]
3 January
Boeing B-17F-27-BO Flying Fortress, 41-24620, c/n 3305,[5] "snap! crackle! pop!", 'PU-O',[6] of the 360th Bomb Squadron, 303rd Bomb Group, on daylight raid over Saint-Nazaire, France, loses wing due to flak, goes into spiral. Ball turret gunner Alan Eugene Magee (13 January 1919 – 20 December 2003), though suffering 27 shrapnel wounds, bails out (or is thrown from wreckage) without his chute at ~20,000 feet (6,100 m), loses consciousness due to altitude, freefall plunges through glass roof of the Gare de Saint-Nazaire and is found alive but with serious injuries on floor of depot:saved by German medical care, spends rest of war in prison camp.[7][8] On 3 January 1993, the people of St. Nazaire honored Magee and the crew of his bomber by erecting a 6-foot-tall (1.8 m) memorial to them.
6 January
At 1735 CWT, three miles W of White City, Kansas, a Consolidated B-24D-13-CO Liberator, 41-23961, c/n 756,[9] of the 469th Bomb Squadron, 333d Bomb Group, out of Topeka Army Air Base, Kansas, piloted by Robert Clyne,[3] suffers a catastrophic structural failure due to ice. All are killed instantly except for Lt Maleckas, who makes it out with a parachute.
6 January
Consolidated B-24D-20-CO Liberator, 41-24202, c/n 997, of the 504th Bomb Squadron, 346th Bomb Group, out of Salina Army Airfield, Kansas, suffers fire in flight, crashes 15 miles SW of Madill, Oklahoma, destroyed by fire. Pilot was R. G. Bishop.[9][3]
13 January
Junkers Ju 290 V1, (Junkers Ju 90 V11), modified from Ju 90B-1, Werknummer 90 0007, D-AFHG, "Oldenberg", crashed on takeoff evacuating load of wounded troops from the German 6th Army at Stalingrad. The need for large capacity transports was so dire at this point that the Luftwaffe was taking Ju 290As straight from the assembly line into operation.[10]
15 January
Prototype Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-4 Wackett Bomber, A23-1001, crashes on a test flight to assess powerplant performance and evaluate aerodynamic effects of a new fixed leading edge slat. During return to CAC airfield at Fisherman's Bend, Australia, pilot Sqn. Leader Jim Harper detects fuel leak in port Pratt & Whitney R-1830 engine; as problem worsens he attempts shut-down and feathering of propeller but actuation of feathering switch causes explosion and uncontrollable fire. Crew of three attempts evacuation at 1000 feet (300 m), but only pilot Harper succeeds in parachuting, CAC test pilot Jim Carter and CAC power plant group engineer Lionel Dudgeon KWF. Airframe impacts ~three miles SW of Kilmore, Victoria. Wreckage recovered by No. 26 Repair and Salvage Unit on 18 January, delivered to No. 1 Aircraft Depot, RAAF Laverton, on the 19th. Final action taken on 26 January when the Air Member for Supply and Equipment approves "conversion to components" for what remains of the CA-4.[11]
21 January
Pan Am Flight 1104, a Martin M-130, the Philippine Clipper, being operated by Pan American Airways for the U. S. Navy, en route from Honolulu to San Francisco, crashes in northern California, in bad weather and poor visibility, killing 19, including 10 Navy passengers. ComSubPacAdmiralRobert H. English is killed.[12]
29 January
A Douglas B-23 Dragon, 39-052, c/n 2738,[13] of the 390th Bomb Squadron, 42d Bomb Group,[3] assigned at McChord Field, Washington, piloted by Lt. Robert Orr, attempts ferry flight from Tonopah, Nevada, back to McChord Field, with eight aboard, but runs into a snowstorm and has to divert to Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. Unable to locate another landing field and running low on fuel, pilot spots a clearing which is actually frozen Loon Lake in the Payette National Forest, Stevens County, Washington, and attempts landing, with one engine afire, but overshoots and shears wings as it crashes into a grove of trees on the shore. Only two of eight suffer injuries; wreckage sighted 13 February by veteran civilian pilot Penn Stohr, flying his own private plane from Cascade to Warren, who reports to Gowen Field seeing three men, apparently in uniform, standing around the downed fuselage. His attention was drawn by a string of trees along the south shore with their tops sheared off.[14] Five airmen who remained with the aircraft are rescued by Stohr who twice landed his ski-equipped plane on the lake.[15] Three others who left the crash site to seek help reach the Lake Fork ranger station unaided on 16 February, and telephone Gowen Field. The station is 12 miles E of McCall, and 15 miles SW of Loon Lake.[16] Wreckage is largely still where it came to rest.[17][18]
5 February
Douglas A-20 Havoc, 39–735, modified as prototype Douglas XP-70 night fighter, assigned to the 349th Night Fighter Squadron, 50th Fighter Group (Special), crashes on takeoff from Kissimmee Army Airfield, Florida,[19] coming down 1/2 mile NW of the field,[13] killing pilot James H. Toal. The Army Air Force decides at the end of March that the airframe is beyond repair and scraps it.[20]
5 February
A Douglas C-49K, 43-2004, msn 6329, piloted by Anthony R. Mensing,[21] (a DC-3-455 ordered by TWA as NC43982, but taken over by the USAAF before delivery)[22] en route from Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, to Seattle, Washington, crashes 76 miles SW of Fort Nelson at the 8,500 foot level of Mount Mary Henry, killing all eleven on board. The wreckage is discovered by a party of hunters in 1948. The remains were removed in September 1948 by pack horse and seaplane "from the almost inaccessible peak where the plane crashed," to Tuchodi Lake, 20 miles away. There they were loaded aboard a Canadian air force plane to bring them to Fort Nelson. "Removal of the skeletons and the investigation of the wreckage are under the direction of Maj. Max E. Van Bethuysen of the United States air force, aided by Squadron Leader Maxwell Strange of the Canadian air force and Constable William Bolton of British Columbia. Major Van Bethuysen said no trace of gold bullion or currency has been found amid the wreckage. Debris is scattered over a square mile of the mountainside above the timberline, however, and some of it is buried under 9 feet of rock which has fallen from the cliffs rising approximately 1,000 feet above the site. Early rumors that the ill-fated C-49, which crashed Feb. 5, 1943, ... carried nearly half a million dollars in gold and currency, previously were denied by the air force in Washington. However, the searchers found moldy war department documents in United States mail sacks which also contained envelopes addressed to the United States treasury and hundreds of letters from servicemen in Alaska and the Aleutians to their relatives and friends at home. A rubber oxygen mask that had survived the elements still was on the pilot's skull. The investigators said that some scraps of metal from the plane were fused, indicating part of the wreckage had burned. The wide scattering of the debris was taken to indicate that the plane had either had struck the peak with terrific impact, or that it exploded in midair. The answer may never be known."[23]
8 February
The second Bell XP-39E Airacobra (of three), 41-19502, is damaged during a forced landing when a Wright Field test pilot runs out of fuel short of Niagara Falls Airport, New York, where the Bell Aircraft plant is located.[24]
9 February
"San Francisco, February 9, (AP) - A two-motored navy bomber from the Alameda naval air station crashed into San Francisco bay and exploded this afternoon, apparently killing all five members of the crew. The 12th naval district said the ship, on a test flight, had radioed that one engine was failing and that she was returning to base. Just as the plane was ready to come in for a landing, it was seen to dive abruptly into the bay a few hundred feet offshore from the naval station. An explosion shattered the ship as it struck the water, and a few minutes later the crew of a crash barge from the air station was able to find only scattered wreckage on the water."[25]
11 February
Boeing B-17F-50-BO Flying Fortress, 42-5367,[26] of the 317th Bomb Squadron, 88th Bomb Group,[19] with ten aboard goes missing on flight from Walla Walla Army Air Base, Washington. Civil Air Patrol planes spot the wreckage on 14 February in the Blue Mountains, 17 miles E of Walla Walla, where the bomber apparently flew head-on into a ridge at about the 5,000 foot level. Ground parties reach the site on 16 February and confirm the crew dead. Victims: Lt. John T. Ray, Klamath Falls, Oregon, pilot; Lt. Richard H. Reed, temporarily residing at Walla Walla; Lt. David T. Dunning, Madisonville, Kentucky; Lt. Hans N. Lehne, Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Sgt. Alexander Dee, Buffalo, New York; Sgt. Lloyd I. Ball, Huntington Park, California; Sgt. Milton D. Johnson, Midland, Texas; Sgt. C. W. Seifer Jr., San Jose, California; Sgt. Joseph F. Perkins, Fort Worth, Texas; Sgt. Wilmer C. Fankhavel, Barnesville, Minnesota.[27]
12 February
Eight of nine crew are killed aboard Consolidated B-24D-35-CO Liberator, 42-40144, c/n 1221,[28] of the 528th Bomb Squadron, 380th Bomb Group, Biggs Field, Texas, piloted by Charles C. Wylie, when it suffers engine failure that results in a stall/spin condition, coming down eight miles NW of Roswell, New Mexico, according to a crash report,[19] and five miles N of Roswell according to the Associated Press. One crewman successfully parachuted to safety.[29]
Blohm & Voss BV 222 V1, X4+AH, of air transport squadron Lufttransportstaffel 222 (LTS 222), sinks following a collision with a submerged wreck while landing at Piraeus harbour, Greece. Between 1942 and 1943, the aircraft flew in the Mediterranean theatre.
17 February
Consolidated B-24D-53-CO Liberator, 42-40355, c/n 1432, crashes at Tucson Municipal Airport #2, Tucson, Arizona, this date.[30] Six Consolidated Aircraft employees riding as passengers are killed and several others injured, of the 34 on board. The damaged airframe is subsequently modified into the first C-87 Liberator Express.
18 February
Second prototype Boeing XB-29 Superfortress, 41-003,[31] crashes into factory at Seattle, Washington after R-3350 engine catches fire, killing all 10 crew including chief test pilot Edmund T. "Eddie" Allen[32] along with 20 on the ground.[33]
22 February
Boeing 314, Pan American "Yankee Clipper", NC18603, c/n 1990, (U.S. Navy BuNo 48224), crashes into the Tagus River near Lisbon, while on approach to Portugal by way of the Azores. Caught in a storm, the flying boat hooked a wingtip in a turn while attempting an emergency landing. 25 of 39 on board die. Among those killed are actress Tamara Drasin and international journalist Ben Robertson, en route to his new job, chief of the New York Herald-Tribune's London bureau. Actress Jane Froman is seriously injured. Her story of survival will be made into the 1952 film "With a Song in My Heart" starring Susan Hayward.
10 March
North American B-25C Mitchell, 41-12740,[34] of the 473d Bombardment Squadron (Medium), 334th Bombardment Group (Medium),[35] (activated as a combat crew training group on 16 July 1942) en route from Greenville Army Air Base, South Carolina, to Key Field, Meridian, Mississippi, crashed into the Blue Ridge Mountains ~21 miles N of Walhalla in Pickens County, South Carolina, at about midnight,[36] killing all five crew "apparently instantaneously." The aircraft was assigned at Greenville AAB. Despite a large-scale search by army aircraft along the route from Greenville to Meridian, the wreckage was finally found 21 March 1943 by a 15-year-old mountain boy, Seab Crane, who was riding a horse along a remote path known as the Moody trail. The bomber had clipped off treetops at the peak of a mountain, just off Turnpike road about 2 1/2 miles from the Walhalla State Fish Hatchery, and plunged into a ravine. The altitude where the plane first struck is more than 2,000 feet. Heavy recent rains kept the crash fire isolated to the actual wreckage. Crane, who lived in the Cheohee community, was riding to visit relatives who lived beyond the Tri-State Fishing club house, when his horse balked at an unknown foreign object on the trail. The boy and his mount galloped 2 1/2 miles to the nearest cabin, the club house, where he recruited the caretaker Ben Rogers, and they returned to the site where the mystery object turned out to be one of the Wright R-2600-13 radial engines that had been thrown a hundred yards beyond the main wreckage, the bulk of which had ploughed into an embankment in a ravine after it had sheared through tree tops for a quarter mile. "Three of the airmen were thrown from the plane and they lay as they fell – twisted and gesticulating. One of the men's wrist watches had stopped at 9:30. One of the men had died in his seat and the fifth body was found in the wreckage." One of the motors and the gasoline tank had burned, but only a few square yards of woods had burned. "After Rogers and Crane had found the wrecked ship they reported it to R. A. Stewart at the Fish Hatchery, an aircraft warning service spotter. Stewart put in a 'red flash' call to the filter center in Columbia and immediately afterwards notified Derrill B. Darby, of Walhalla, chief of the aircraft warning service in Oconee county [sic]. That was shortly before 1 o'clock Monday afternoon." After the wreckage had been viewed, home guardsmen took charge and kept watch until army men from the Greenville air base arrived. The victims were: Flight Officer Richard S. Brook, 22, pilot, of 10 Superior Court, Lima, Ohio; Second Lieutenant Earl S. Monroe, 26, co-pilot, of Bolivar, New York; Second Lieutenant Philip J. Graziano, 23, navigator, of 166 Chestnut Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts; Staff Sergeant Harvey M. Capellman, engineer, of Blanchard, Idaho; and Sergeant Michael Sekel, 29, radio operator, of Buffalo, Ohio. "Soldiers, home guardsmen, and volunteers labored into the night to remove the bodies and carry them on stretchers up the steep mountain side to the ambulance. Salvage of the wrecked ship was started on Tuesday."[37] A later report stated that the B-25 was en route TO Greenville Army Air Base from Meridian, Mississippi.[36] A memorial marker to the crew was dedicated at the site on 21 March 2014 by the Walhalla American Legion and the Oconee Veterans Council.[38]
18 March
A Douglas SBD-4 Dauntless hits the rail of the control tower and smashes into the ground at MCAAS Mojave, California, demolishing the airframe. "The flat-hatting pilot was taken to the hospital with 'multiple, extreme injuries.' Incredibly, the mechanic riding as a passenger walked away with only minor cuts and bruises."[39]
23 March
Waco UC-72A, 42-68676, c/n 5150, civilian Waco ARE, ex-NC29376, impressed by USAAF, flown by Roy F. Brown, of the 5th Ferrying Squadron, 3rd Ferrying Group, out of Romulus Army Airfield, Michigan, is wrecked this date at Hebron, Kentucky.[40][35]
23 March
A Republic P-47C-2-RE Thunderbolt, 41-6292, of the 328th Fighter Squadron, 352d Fighter Group,[35] crashes into Barnard Hall at Hofstra College shortly after take-off from Mitchel Field, Long Island, New York, early this date, hitting the west side near the roof, setting the building afire, police announced. Pilot Earl D. Hayward died. The blaze was brought under control within 45 minutes by firemen from Hempstead, East Hempstead and Uniondale. No students were in the vicinity at the time. The Eastern Defense Command in New York City announced that the pilot was killed. He had taken off from Mitchel Field on a training mission shortly before the crash.[41] This crash led to the abandonment of the use of Runway 18/36 at Mitchel Field.
4 April
North American B-25C Mitchell, 41-12634, of the 376th Bomb Squadron, 309th Bomb Group (M), ditches in Lake Murray, South Carolina, during skip-bombing practice, after starboard engine failure. Crew of five escapes before Mitchell sinks after seven minutes afloat, about two miles (3 km) west of the Saluda Dam in 150 feet (46 m) of water. On 19 September 2005, the bomber was raised to the surface by aircraft recoverer Gary Larkins for preservation (not restoration) at the Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham, Alabama.[42]
9 April
Lockheed P-38G-10-LO Lightning, 42-12937, flown by Col. Benjamin S. Kelsey, gets into an inverted spin during dive flap test, loses one wing and entire tail section. Kelsey bails out, suffers broken ankle, while P-38 hits flat on hillside near Calabasas, California.[43]
13 April
Martin B-26B-2 Marauder, 41-17945,[44] of the 480th Bomb Squadron (Medium), 336th Bomb Group (Medium), Avon Park Army Air Field,[45] Florida, while on a training flight crashes and is destroyed by fire at Daniel Army Air Field, Augusta, Georgia. All seven crew are killed. The base public relations office at Avon Park identified the victims as 1st Lt. Robert L. Floyd, McLean, Texas, pilot; 2d Lt. Richard C. Larsen, Rochester, Minnesota; S/Sgt. Carl Justh, York Haven, Pennsylvania; Sgt. Charles S. Elder, Banning, California; Sgt. Lewis F. Haimi, Palmerton, Pennsylvania; Cpl. Woodrow O. Rosell, San Antonio, Texas; and Pvt. James S. Nelson, Seattle, Washington.[46]
14 April
The crash of Curtiss O-52 Owl, 40-2780, c/n 14313,[47] of the 392d Observation Training Squadron, Brooks Field, Texas, when it spins in[45] a short distance from that base, kills 2d Lt. Robert E. Kuhn, 23, Chicago, pilot, and 2d Lt. Robert O. Fechtner, 21, Boling, Texas, observer.[48]
14 April
Two RAAFBristol Beaufort torpedo bombers, in a flight of three, collided with each other over Jervis Bay. They were A9-27 and A9-268 of Base Torpedo Unit, HMAS Albatros, Nowra, Australia, carrying out a series of dummy runs and torpedo attacks on HMAS Burra Bra for a group of accredited War Correspondents on board the ship when the centre aircraft of the vic, A9-27, coded 'B', pulled up, causing the port wing of the right-hand bomber, A9-268, coded 'I', to clip off its tail with both aircraft crashing. The flight was attempting a "Prince of Wales" break-up formation. KWF aboard A9-27 were F/O Raymond Sydney Green (408110), 23, pilot; Sgt. Albert John Bailey (409976), 22; F/O Maurice Francis Hoban (409118), 30; and P/O Eric William Sweetnam (408077), 20. Fatalities aboard A9-268 were Flt. Lt. David George Dey (280627), 27, pilot; F/O Rex Lindsay Solomon (408149), 21; F/O Jack Norman (407561); and Sgt. Hugh Sydney George Richardson (410093), 23. The accident was filmed by Fox Movietone News cameraman Eric Bieve, and footage is available on the web. "Green, Hoban and Bailey were buried in the Air Force section of the War Cemetery at Nowra on 15 Apr 43 at 1500 hours. The funeral was attended by Wing Commander Dibbs, Base Torpedo Unit (BTU) staff officers, Instructional crews and personnel of No 7 Beaufort course. On 17 April 1943, the body of Sweetnam was recovered and buried at 1600 hours with Air Force honours at Nowra. Late on the same day a diving party reported that they had not located the bodies of Dey, Norman, Solomon and Richardson. A Funeral held on 18 April 1943 on board the "Burra-Bra" at 1030 hours attended by the same people as listed for the 15 April Funeral."[49]
18 April
Messerschmitt Me 262 V2, WrkNr. 262 000 002, PC+UB, is completely destroyed on a test flight out of Lechfeld, its 48th flight, this date, killing pilot Ofw. Wilhelm Ostertag, after being airborne only seven minutes. "It was thought that the cause was in part due to a disturbance in the tail plane adjustment, but a later investigation found that a section of a rear part of one of the engines had detached and blocked the engine, forcing the aircraft into an uncontrollable downward spiral." Airframe flight time was 18 hours 17 minutes.[50]
29 April
Republic P-43 Lancer, 41-6718, converted to P-43D. To RAAF as A56-7. Assigned to 1 PRU, it went missing in flight from Wagga, Australia, this date. Aircraft found crashed in thick forest on the side of Gordon Gully near Healesville in Victoria, NE of Melbourne, in June 1958.[51] The airframe was approved as a write-off on 30 April. The pilot was P/O A. W. Green (406393) of 1 PRU Rear Echelon based at Laverton. His body has not been found.[52]
U.S. Army personnel remove bodies from the wreckage of General Frank Maxwell Andrews' B-24D after it struck a mountain side in Iceland, 3 May 1943. The rudders and elevators have lost their fabric covering after the accident
3 May
During an inspection tour, Lt. Gen. Frank Maxwell Andrews (1884–1943) is killed in crash of Consolidated B-24D-1-CO Liberator, 41-23728, "Hot Stuff", of the 330th Bomb Squadron, 93d Bomb Group, 8th Air Force,[53] out of RAF Bovingdon, England, on Mt. Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsula after an aborted attempt to land at the RAF Kaldadarnes, Iceland. Andrews and thirteen others died in the crash; only the tail gunner, S/Sgt. George A. Eisel, survived. Others KWF included pilot Capt. Robert H. Shannon, of the 330th BS, 93rd BG; six members of Andrews' staff, including Maj. Ted Trotman, B/Gen. Charlie Barth, Col. Marlow Krum, and the general's aide, Maj. Fred A. Chapman; and Capt. J. H. Gott, navigator. Andrews was the highest-ranking Allied officer to die in the line of duty to that point in the war.[54] At the time of his death, he was Commanding General, United States Forces, European Theatre of Operations. Camp Springs Army Air Field, Maryland, is renamed Andrews Field (later Andrews Air Force Base), for him on 7 February 1945.[55][56] It appears that "Hot Stuff" was actually the first heavy bomber to complete 25 missions successfully, despite the publicity given the "Memphis Belle" and "Hell's Angels" of the 303d Bomb Group, when the B-24 bombed Naples on 7 February 1943. The bomber was, in fact, on the first leg of a trip back to the United States for a War Bond Tour when she was lost.[57]
6 May
Curtiss XP-60D-CU41-19508 (the second Curtiss XP-53-CU re-designated), crashed at Rome Air Depot, New York.
Circa 7 May
The first prototype of the VL Myrsky (State Aircraft Factory Storm), a low-wing single-seat cantilever monoplane fighter completed on 30 April 1943, crashes "a week later."[58]
8 May
A USAAF Douglas C-33, 36–85, c/n 1518, of the 482d Air Base Squadron, is written off at Hill Field, Ogden, Utah, when the landing gear retracts on take off.[59][60] Pilot was William B. Cline.[61]
10 May
First Consolidated XB-32 Dominator, 41–141, crashes on take-off at Lindbergh Field, San Diego, probably from flap failure. Although bomber does not burn when it piles up at end of runway, Consolidated's senior test pilot Dick McMakin is killed. Six others on board injured.[62] This was one of only two twin-finned B-32s (41–142 was the other) – all subsequent had a PB4Y-style single tail.
10 May
First Curtiss YC-76 Caravan constructed at the Louisville, Kentucky plant, 42-86918, loses tail unit at 1729 hrs. due to lack of "forgotten" securing bolts during test flight, crashes at Okolona, Kentucky, killing three Curtiss-Wright test crew, pilot Ed Schubinger, co-pilot John L. "Duke" Trowbridge, and engineer Robert G. Scudder. All-wood cargo design is cancelled by the USAAF on 3 August with only nineteen completed, all grounded by 12 September 1944. Four Curtiss C-76 Caravans at the St. Louis, Missouri plant are granted one-time flight clearance and flown directly to Air Training Command bases for use as instructional airframes.[63]
16 May
Handley Page Halifax B Mk.V bomber suffered starboard inner engine failure shortly after takeoff from RAF Holmsley South en route to RAF Hurn. Crashed in Thatcher's Lane, Sopley, at grid reference OS SZ164986. All on board were killed. The names of those that died are: Donald J Smith ( J10798 Fg Offr RCAF Pilot ), M.W. Collins (J10509 Fg Offr RCAF Pilot ), Barrie Noel Stephenson ( RAFVR Flight Engineer ), P.S. Thomas ( Gunner ), Frances Joseph Davies ( Sgt Glider Pilot passenger ), Roland Davies Sunter ( Sgt Glider Pilot passenger ) and Ronald Herbert Borton ( Sgt Glider Pilot passenger ).
19 May
The 1943 RAF Hudson crash was an aerial accident that killed two people. The aircraft crashed in a forced landing attempt near RAF St Eval, Cornwall, England, following engine failure. Lockheed Hudson IIIA, FH168, a lend-lease A-29-LO, 41-36969, c/n 414-6458, operated by No. 38 Wing RAF, based at RAF Netheravon, crashed and burned 7 miles (11 km) south of St. Eval. The aircraft was unable to maintain height due to one engine failing, and the load it was carrying. Air Commodore Sir Nigel Norman, en route to the Middle East for an Airborne Forces Planning Conference, died in this accident.[64][65]
19 May
Northrop N-9M-1, one-third scale flying testbed for the Northrop XB-35 flying wing design, crashes approximately 12 mi (19 km) W of Muroc Army Air Base, California, killing pilot Max Constant. First flown 27 December 1942, airframe had only logged 22.5 hours, and little data was accumulated before the loss. Post-crash investigation suggested that: "...while Constant was conducting stalls and aft centre of gravity stability tests, aerodynamic forces developed full aft, which were too strong for Constant to overcome, trapping him in the cockpit. To prevent this happening on future flights, a one-shot hydraulic boost device was installed to push the controls forward in an emergency."[66]
20 May
Consolidated B-24E-5-FO Liberator, 42-7053, c/n 77,[67] of the 1014th Pilot Transition Training Squadron, Tarrant Army Airfield, Texas, departing there at 0650 hrs. CWT, piloted by David S. Alter,[61] hits the side of a 20 million cubic foot gasometer[68] of the People's Gas Light and Coke Company at 3625 73rd Street and Central Park Avenue, the largest of its type in the world, ~2 miles SE of Municipal Airport, Chicago, Illinois, between 1140 and 1145 hrs. CWT, killing all 12 crew.[61]Joe Baugher cites date as 5 May 1943, but this is incorrect. Approaching the airport from the southwest in light rain, light fog and light smoke, with a 500 foot ceiling and ~.75 miles visibility, the bomber circled the field to the north and east before striking the ~500 foot tall tank at the ~125 foot level whilst on a southern heading, initially with the port wingtip, according to witness Lawrence Kinsella, an employee of People's Gas Light and Coke Company. Much of forward fuselage fell inside the tank structure which exploded, throwing steel plate over 100 yards with heat felt over a mile away. Nine employees were on the grounds but none were injured. Four United Airlines flights rejected landings at the airport between 0957 and 1027 hrs. and continued onto Milwaukee due to conditions. Capt. Monstad of the 9th Tow Target Squadron, Chicago Municipal Airport, made arrangements for a Board of Inquiry.[69] The dead were identified as Capt. James R. Gilcrease, of Houston, commanding officer of the 1014th PTTS and a flight instructor, in charge of the flight; 2d Lt. David S. Alter, an instructor from Pittsburgh; 1st Lt. Harry B. Messick, Jr., navigator, of Indianapolis; 2d Lt. Frederick L. Dutt, student officer, of Wadsworth, Ohio; 2d Lt. John C. Wallace, student officer, of Luling, Texas; Pvt. Nick Lonchar, aerial engineer, of Weirton, West Virginia; Sgt. Arthur A. Huber, aerial engineer, of Queens, New York; S/Sgt. Norman W. Yutzy, aerial engineer, of Canton, Ohio; and Tech/Sgt. Ben F. Zumwalt, aerial engineer, of Ingram, Texas. The identified passenger was Capt. A. W. Lent, from Hamilton Field, California. The names of the other two passengers were to be announced after notification of the next-of-kin.[70] The USAAF Report of Aircraft Accident listed the other two victims as 2d Lt. A. L. Gentry and Capt. John M. Wallace.[69] The storage tank was erected in 1928 at a cost of $2 million, according to a Chicago Daily Tribune account. It was not rebuilt.
28 May
The loss of US Navy Curtiss SB2C-1 Helldiver, BuNo 00154, of VB-5, during launch near Trinidad on 28 May 1943[71] during the shakedown cruise of the USS Yorktown was incorporated by 20th Century Fox into the 1944 film Wing and a Prayer: The Story of Carrier X.[72]
30 May
Boeing B-17F-45-BO Flying Fortress, 42-5318, of the 464th Bombardment Squadron, 331st Bombardment Group,[67] out of Casper Army Air Field, Wyoming, piloted by James O. Westbury,[61] after departing Marysville Army Airfield[73] crashes into a mountainside 15 miles NE of Covelo, California[61] while on a training flight to Eugene, Oregon, killing all six people on board.[74] The wreckage of the missing plane finally discovered on the weekend of 7–8 August 1943. Badly burned bodies could not be immediately identified.[73]
Second production Mitsubishi J2M2Raiden (Thunderbolt), Allied codename "Jack", noses over shortly after take-off and crashes for unknown reasons. When pilot of tenth production J2M2 experiences same phenomenon just after gear-retraction on test flight, he has enough altitude to drop gear and recover. It is discovered that retractable tailwheel shock strut can press against elevator torque tube during retraction, forcing control stick full-forward. This is modified and fighter production resumes.[75]
2 June
An hour into a routine training flight from the USS Lexington (CV-16) over the Gulf of Paria off Venezuela, 1939 Heisman Trophy winner Ensign Nile Kinnick, USNR, develops severe oil leak at 0951 hrs., cannot recover to either the carrier or land, and ditches his Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, BuNo 12042, at Lat. 10° 28' N, Long. 62° 02' 15" W, at 0952 hrs.[76][77][78] Although rescue forces arrive at the scene in eight minutes, neither he nor his plane are found, only an oil slick. Kinnick was the first Heisman winner to die. The University of Iowa renamed their football stadium "Kinnick Stadium" in 1972.
3 June
A Boeing B-17F-55-DL Flying Fortress, 42-3399, "Scharazad",[79] of the Plummer Provisional Group, 318th Bomb Squadron,[67] flying to Grand Island, Nebraska from Pendleton Army Air Base in Oregon crashes on Bomber Mountain in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. 10 crew members were killed. Wreckage finally discovered on 12 August 1945.
4 June
RAFSupermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc, AR512, of 312 (Czech) squadron based at Churchstanton in the Blackdown Hills hits a train while conducting a mock-attack near Bradford-on-Tone just west of Norton Fitzwarren. The roof of at least one carriage is ripped off and several passengers, mainly WRENs, are killed. The plane flies on before eventually crashing near Castle Cary. The pilot, F/O Jaroslav Cermak, dies and is buried in Taunton.
13 June
Blohm & Voss BV 138C-1, WNr.0310158, K6+AK, of 2.Staffel KüstenFlieger Gruppe 406, capsizes upon landing at Drontheim See Ilsvika in Trondheim harbour, Norway. Crew has to swim underwater to escape. Oblt. Ludwig Schönherr, wounded; Ltn. Günther Behr, wounded; Uffz. Heinz Kitzmann, unhurt; Uffz. Reinhold Zwanzig, unhurt; Ofw. Ernst Neumann, drowned. His body is recovered from inside the flying boat when it is recovered the following day.[80]
14 June
Boeing B-17C Flying Fortress, 40-2072, "Miss E.M.F." (Every Morning Fixing), of the 19th Bomb Group, heavily damaged on Davao mission 25 December 1941 and converted into transport. With 46th Troop Carrier Squadron, 317th Troop Carrier Group, crashed Bakers Creek, Queensland, Australia, this date while ferrying troops to New Guinea. Six crew and 34 GIs killed. One survived. (see Bakers Creek air crash) A memorial to the victims of this crash was installed at the Selfridge Gate of Arlington National Cemetery on 11 June 2009, donated by the Bakers Creek Memorial Association. The gate is named for Lt. Thomas Selfridge, killed in a 1908 crash at Fort Myer, Virginia, the first victim of a powered air accident.[81]
16 June
Boeing XB-38-VE, 41-2401, powered with Allison V-1710 liquid-cooled engines, crashed near Tipton, California, on its ninth test flight when the number three (starboard inner) engine caught fire. Attempts to extinguish it were unsuccessful, and as the fire spread to the wing, the pilots bailed out after pointing the aircraft to an uninhabited area. Lockheed test pilot George MacDonald was killed when his parachute did not deploy, and Lockheed test pilot Bud Martin was seriously injured when his parachute did not deploy properly.
1 July
US Navy Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina, BuNo 04447, returning to Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, after anti-submarine patrol flight over the Gulf of Mexico, attempts ill-advised landing in a storm brought on by a passing weather front, hits swell, bounces twice and overturns in Pensacola Bay. Nose section breaks away right at the wing tower and sinks, taking with it U.S. Coast Guard Motor Machinists Mate Chief Dana W. Heckart, in the co-pilot's seat as a pilot trainee. Rest of crew, all U.S. Navy personnel, pilot Ltjg. John W. Nichols, Lt. Norman Bennett, Ens. Francis R. Young, AMM3c Van C. Hardin, AM3c William E. Mutch, AMM2c Robert H. Ovink, ASM3c Albert W. Smith, and ARM3c Ralph E. Stuckey, survive as rest of airframe floats. Hardin, Mutch, Ovink and Smith suffer minor injuries, rest of crew more seriously injured. A seaplane wrecking derrick (YSD) retrieves floating section the following day. Heckart's body never recovered. Investigation finds pilot Nichols at fault for trying to land in storm conditions.[82][83]
3 July
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk.V, LA877, 'ZV-W', of No.19 Operational Training Unit, out of Forres, on the Moray coast, a satellite of RAF Kinloss crashes on Meallan Odhar near Loch Pattack. Fire in the port wing caused structural failure, the wing coming down a half mile from the main wreckage. "At the request of the investigating officer the port engine was excavated from the crash site and sent to Rolls Royce who examined it. They said that there been a failure of one of the pistons with hot gases passing beyond the piston rings of that piston which caused the gudgeon pin to fail and the connecting rod to break away which then broke through the crank case. This allowed a fuel/air mixture as well as engine oil to escape under pressure into the nacelle where it ignited and in less than one minute caused the failure of the forward wing spar and lower skin of the port wing." Five crew killed. They were: Sgt. Dennys Cyril Hunt, pilot; Sgt. Edwin Albert Deacon, navigator; Flt. Sgt. Donald James Gillies RCAF, bomb aimer; Sgt. Robert Norman Cowie, wireless operator / air gunner; and Sgt. Keith Pratt Gemmel, RCAF, air gunner.[84]
4 July
RAFConsolidated LB-30 Liberator II, AL523, crashes on takeoff from RAF North Front, Gibraltar, killing the exiled Polish Prime Minister General Władysław Sikorski, together with his daughter, his Chief of Staff, Tadeusz Klimecki, and seven others. The flight departed at 2307 hrs., coming down in the sea after only 16 seconds of flight. Only the pilot, Eduard Prchal (1911–1984), survives. "This crash is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Throughout World War II Sikorski tried to organize the Polish Army and constantly negotiated with Churchill and Roosevelt to circumvent any appeasement deals between the Allies, Russia, and Germany which would come at Poland's expense. By this time, the Free Poles had found out about the Katyn Massacre, and thus terminated relations with the Soviet Union on 26 April 1943. As Sikorski was the most prestigious leader of the Polish exiles, his death was a severe setback to the Polish cause, and was certainly highly convenient for Stalin. It was in some ways also convenient for the western Allies, who were finding the Polish issue a stumbling-block in their efforts to preserve good relations with Stalin. This has given rise to persistent suggestions that Sikorski's death was not accidental. This has never been proved."[85]
4 July
The prototype Platt-LePage XR-1 helicopter, 41-001, tested at Wright Field, Ohio, by the Rotary Branch of the Air Technical Service Command from May 1943, is damaged this date by the failure of a rotor blade spinner. Never ordered into production, its last flight will take place on 21 June 1946 with 91 hours, 45 minutes of flight time, and it will be donated the National Air Museum in Washington, D.C., where it remains in storage at the Paul Garber Facility at Silver Hill, Maryland.[86]
21 July
Captain Roberto Roque and his mechanic Fernando Cubas, of the Cuban Army Aviation Corps, suffer a fatal crash in Vultee BT-13, 72, when they come out of a dive and strike a huge tree at Güines.[87]
31 July
The first prototype Focke-Wulf Ta 154 V1, TE+FE, powered by Jumo 211R engines, first flown 1 July 1943, tested at Rechlin, is written off in a landing accident this date when the landing gear collapsed. This was a recurrent problem that accounted for the loss of several of the type.[88]
31 July
"Topeka, Kan. (AP) - The army air base reported today five men, all of those aboard the plane, were killed in the crash of a four-engined bomber near Boone, Iowa. The plane was flying with a short crew, Major Forrest Moore, public relations officer at the base, said."[89]Consolidated B-24E-20-CF Liberator, 41-29052, c/n 44, of the 579th Bombardment Squadron, 392d Bombardment Group,[90] operating out of Topeka Army Air Base, en route to Duluth, Minnesota, on a navigation training flight, crashes 10 miles SW of Boone,[91] (N 41° 57.1081', W 93° 58.)[92] after losing part of starboard wing in a thunderstorm.[90]
Killed were:
1st Lt. Melvin S. Meeker, Pilot
2nd Lt. Samuel Levitt, Copilot
2nd Lt. Mathew J. Radosvich, Bombardier
T/Sgt. James M. Parker, Engineer
T/Sgt. Thomas J. Leyshon, Radioman
A memorial marker was erected by the landowner, who has also preserved the three impact craters from the crash.[92]
Joe Baugher cites crash date as 18 July 1945.
1 August
During a demonstration flight of an "all St. Louis-built glider", a WACO CG-4A-RO, 42-78839, built by sub-contractor Robertson Aircraft Corporation, loses its starboard wing due to a defective wing strut support, plummets vertically to the ground at Lambert Field, St. Louis, Missouri, killing all on board, including St. Louis Mayor William D. Becker, Maj. William B. Robertson and Harold Krueger, both of Robertson Aircraft, Thomas Dysart, president of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, Max Doyne, director of public utilities, Charles Cunningham, department comptroller, Henry Mueller, St. Louis Court presiding judge, Lt. Col. Paul Hazleton, pilot Capt. Milton C. Klugh, and co-pilot/mechanic PFC Jack W. Davis, of the USAAF 71st Troop Carrier Squadron.[93] The failed component had been manufactured by Robertson subcontractor Gardner Metal Products Company, of St. Louis, who, coincidentally, had been a casket maker.[94] The War Department announces on 11 August that a summary of conclusions by three air forces investigating groups "indicated 'that faulty manufacture by a sub-contractor, faulty inspection by the prime manufacturer, and inadequate enforcement of inspection procedures, combined to produce a fatal hidden defect in a wing strut metal fitting.' The air forces have acted to prevent any recurrence of such parts failure, including the grounding of all similar gliders manufactured in the St. Louis area because they might contain fittings from the same sub-contractors. The glider which crashed Aug. 1 was manufactured by Robertson Aircraft Corp., the Army said, and approximately 100 craft were grounded Aug. 4."[95]
1 August
A Boeing B-17F-95-BO Flying Fortress, 42-30326, c/n 5440,[96] of the 541st Bomb Squadron, 383d Bomb Group, piloted by Roy J. Lee,[97] was headed north up the Oregon coast on a routine patrol flight. The plane had left Pendleton Field, near Pendleton, Oregon, at 0900 and was tasked with flying to Cape Disappointment on the Oregon coast. They were then to fly 500 miles out to sea, followed by a direct flight back to Pendleton Field. On arriving at the coast, the crew found the entire area hidden in overcast clouds which extended to an elevation of 8000 feet. The pilot decided to locate Cape Disappointment by flying below the overcast. The overcast proved to reach almost to the level of the sea. The plane was flying at about 50–150 feet above the waves. Deciding that the risk was too great the crew began to climb back up into the overcast. Unfortunately, the plane crashed into the side of Cape Lookout at about 900 feet in elevation.[98][99] The Aviation Archeological Investigation & Research website lists the crash date as 2 August.[97]
2 August
"Phoenix, Arizona, August 2 (UP) - Second Lt. Arthur C. Collins, 22, and Aviation Cadet Wayne B. Bowers, 22, were killed today when their twin engine training plane crashed 10 miles west of Chandler, Ariz."[100] They went down in Lockheed RP-322 Lightning, AF162, of the 535th Twin Engine Flying Training Squadron, Williams Field, Arizona. One source gives the accident date as 1 August, and gives the location as eight miles W of Chandler.[101] P-322s were non-turbocharged Lightning Is, originally ordered by France, the order being taken over by the Royal Air Force (hence, the RAF AF162 serial), but only three were actually retained by Great Britain, the rest being used as trainers by the U.S. Army Air Force.
2 August
Boeing B-17E Flying Fortress, 41-2463, "Yankee Doodle", of the 19th Bomb Group, then to 394th Bomb Squadron, 5th Bomb Group, crashes on takeoff due mechanical failure at Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, Bombardier Sgt. John P. Kruger and navigator Lt. Talbert H. Woolam are killed. Pilot was Gene Roddenberry, future creator of Star Trek.[102] The airframe was stricken on 13 August 1943.[103]
4 August
North American XB-28A-NA, 40-3058, c/n 67-3417, crashes into the Pacific Ocean off California after the crew bails out. Project not proceeded with.[104]
5 August
Lockheed B-34, 41-38116, that collided with American Airlines Flight 28 on 23 October 1942, was repaired and re-designated as an RB-34A-4 target tug. On 5 August 1943, this same aircraft suffered starboard engine failure during a ferry flight and crashed into Wolf Hill, a mile W of Farnum Pike, near Smithfield, Rhode Island, killing all three crew members. "The pilot having insufficient altitude to recover properly, crashed on a wooded hill," states the accident investigation report, issued 19 August 1943. Killed are 2d Lt. Otis R. Portewig, 27, Richmond, Virginia, pilot, of the 1st Towing Squadron, Otis Field, Massachusetts; T/Sgt. Herbert D. Booth, 21, Rahway, New Jersey, crew chief. also of the 1st Towing Squadron; and 2d Lt. Saul Winsten, 25, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, of the 901st Quartermaster Company, Aviation Service, Otis Field, passenger.[105]
5 August
"Las Vegas, Nev., Aug. 6, (AP) - Four fliers attached to the Las Vegas Army Air field were killed yesterday as their plane crashed eight miles northwest of here, base officials announced. The plane, a navigator trainer, was on a routine flight when it went into a spin from 3,000 feet. It burst into flames as it struck the ground."[106]Lockheed AT-18A-LO Hudson, 42-55494, c/n 414-7216,[107] of the 50th Flexible Gunnery Training Squadron, Las Vegas Army Airfield, piloted by Avalon L. Finlayson, was destroyed.[101] The Aviation Archaelological Investigation and Research website lists the crash location as 10 miles WSW of the air base.
8 August[108] or 11 August
[109] Future ETO double ace Captain Walker Melville "Bud" Mahurin gets off to an ignominious start this date when, "On a training mission over England he had spotted a B-24 Liberator – at the time not a particularly common aeroplane in English skies. While flying formation with the bomber he took his Thunderbolt (41-6334) a little too close resulting in the empennage being slashed off by the Liberator's propellers. Mahurin came down by parachute, his P-47 disintegrated in an English field and the Liberator made a successful landing having sustained only minor damage. Thunderbolts, costing $104,258 each, were still in short supply and Mahurin's folly did not endear him to the authorities."[108] The P-47C-5-RE, of the 63d Fighter Squadron, 56th Fighter Group, impacted ~one mile NW of Metfield, Suffolk.[110]
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Newsgroup picture browser21415662001-06-07 14:21:2073.alrtgui.7zAlertsGUI - Tool to extract Google alerts from The Bat! UNIX mailbox and access them through GUI10995532008-08-22 11:27:0074.als.zipLanSurfer - Rapid LAN scanner10334262005-09-12 10:04:1275.ambpr.zipAdvanced Mailbox Password Recovery v1.9 for Windows - Login and password restorer for Eudora, The Bat! and other clients6415922008-02-01 10:45:0776.ames30.zipInternet EZ Search v3.0 - Internet search engines manager9252171999-01-11 08:13:1477.amlfre11.zipAutoMailer v1.1 for Windows - E-mail attachments automatic sender2187832000-11-02 09:55:0278.amm.zipAdvanced Maillist Manager v1.08426562003-07-01 17:26:4179.amp.zipAdvanced Mailbox Processor v2.0 - Mailing list creation tool13413622002-08-30 10:28:3880.ams.zipAdvanced Mass Sender v4.3 - Tool for mass mailing39129282003-02-03 11:51:2081.amv.zipAdvanced Maillist Verify v4.25 - Mailing lists and address books verifying to determine which e-mail address is dead10857842003-07-01 17:27:2582.amyc121e.zipAbout My Cache v1.21 for Windows - Cache viewer for Netscape and MSIE629661998-03-03 09:41:4183.an211dos.zipAnalog v2.11 - WWW logfile analyser for DOS1872081997-09-03 10:03:4084.an211w32.zipAnalog v2.11 - WWW logfile analyser for Win951937671997-09-03 10:03:4185.and22en.zipANASIL v2.2 - Software Network Analyzer for Win3295519392002-05-16 10:26:5186.anm.zipActive Network Monitor v2.01 - A tool for monitoring of computers in the network19941282006-06-14 15:01:5787.annit.zipAnnounceIt! rel.2 - Shareware submission helper382551999-05-13 10:00:2688.ant.zipAlchemy Network Tools - Netwok Analysis and Diagnostic Utils8507882004-07-01 13:21:4689.antifrwl.zipAntiFirewall v1.1 - Firewall restrictions overcoming tool4100062003-05-20 10:57:4890.antiporn.exeAntiPorn v26.3.x - Adult sites filtering tool628536242019-11-10 11:17:0391.antispam.zipAntiSPAM - Util to delete all messages from POP 3 server received from specified addresses2329282000-08-28 10:31:2392.antsm109.zipANTS Mail List Assistant v1.0.93677622000-02-17 13:45:4193.anydesk.exeAnyDesk v6.0.8 - The Remote Desktop Application for Windows36704802020-09-02 11:04:3694.anydesk4.exeAnyDesk v4.3.0 - The Remote Desktop Application for Windows21261202018-12-15 16:59:3495.anydesk5.exeAnyDesk v5.5.3 - The Remote Desktop Application for Windows31897122020-04-17 11:16:4496.anyspd14.zipAnySpeed v1.4 for Win95/NT - Util to define the date transfer speed in a network9016342001-08-13 11:00:4897.anzl113.exeAnzio Lite v11.3 - Windows Telnet Client Terminal emulation for WINSOCK environment3213011997-11-10 08:28:2098.anzz32r.exeAnzio Lite v12.5 - Telnet Client for Win3217911502001-12-19 13:15:1399.aoepr.zipAdvanced Outlook Express Password Recovery v1.20 for Win328162282004-04-13 10:39:58100.aolpr.zipAdvanced Outlook Password Recovery v1.349392872006-07-26 19:20:45101.aolremov.zipAOL Removal Tool 0.61 - Tool to remove removes stubborn installations of America Online software15255422020-02-13 19:55:43102.aoltim60.zipAOL Time v6.0 - Total Connect Time for use with AOL* for Win95/98/Me589282001-01-05 11:24:23103.aon.zipAON - Util that shows pop up window with caller ID info when call is received1807831999-07-09 08:36:30104.apicv508.zipAPicviewer v5.0 - Automatically search Usenet Newsgroups and download/display pictures, videos and sounds20907182000-03-03 13:29:36105.apm_v4.zipAPM - Affiliate/viral marketing management software6167092002-09-06 10:37:52106.aports14.zipActive Ports v1.4 - Util to monitor communication ports of the local computer4727452002-06-21 08:44:06107.aproxy.zipAPROXY v1.01 - Anonymous Proxy Server for Win321719862001-03-05 10:17:10108.apser912.zipActive Phone Server - Advanced phone book / answering machine for Win95/983412892000-04-03 10:56:42109.archn170.exeArachne v1.70 - WWW browser for DOS10127172002-06-24 12:04:39110.arf322.zipARF v3.22 - Util which queries web databases and downloads pages to the disk drive1083501997-09-24 13:09:51111.argus20.zipArgus Sam network watcher utility (NETBIOS - TCP/IP)3704892004-12-06 11:49:38112.arjuna7.zipArjunaSeven v1.50 - E-mail notificator for Win95/98/NT2848462000-02-03 10:30:50113.ars.zipAutoroute SMTP v1.1 - Automatic SMTP servers switching tool1141002003-07-01 17:28:20114.as81.exeAllegroSurf v8.1 - Web accelerator, content filter and proxy server for Windows by makers of FTPVoyager/Serv-U40464162009-03-26 21:14:05115.asg.zipAid Submission Genius v1.4 - Software submission tool for Win9x/Me/NT/20003667842002-02-22 14:14:09116.askmod20.zipAskModem v2.0 - DOS command line modem comms174991995-08-16 08:39:58117.askw.zipAS Keywords Generator - Tool for creating keywords metatag by contents yours html page3164852001-06-01 09:48:38118.astlog.zipAsterisk Logger v1.02 - Password revealing tool255222006-03-24 10:53:17119.asw10.zip4824082000-11-16 10:47:00120.at179.zipAbsolute Telnet v1.79 - 32-bit Terminal Emulator for Windows21781852001-12-21 12:51:59121.atrls40.zipAtaman TCP Remote Logon Services v4.08542842005-09-08 10:58:09122.aub_hu.zipAtisz URL Book v1.1.1 - Internet addresses manager for Win95/98/NT/2000 (in Hungarian)999712000-07-07 08:33:53123.aucat122.zipAdvanced URL Catalog v1.22 - URL database manager10787502006-05-22 10:01:40124.automail.zipAutoMail v1.5 - Send files from Windows Explorer with one click1456821999-11-03 11:45:23125.auvis151.zipVypress Auvis v1.51 - One-way message network client3284911999-05-10 11:27:42126.avdpro.zipAvailable Domains Professional Ed. v3.51 for Win9x-2000 - Finds domain names for your website9942912003-02-24 11:16:37127.avdstd.zipAvailable Domains Standard Ed. v2.01 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Finds domain names for your website7298342001-06-01 09:46:30128.aw21.zipAnswwwer v2.1 - Internet Visual Search Robot for Win328385562001-12-20 10:51:00129.awatch.zipAdapter Watch v1.01 - Network Adapter Info Lister379542006-03-24 Toolbar v1.1 - Searching engines additional toolbar for web browsers9391982004-03-25 11:25:33131.awsps461.zipAWSPS v4.61 - Security port scanner14000792002-02-08 14:21:03132.awsu.zipAbacre Web Site Uploader v1.2 - Tool for automatic web site updating8669042006-06-07 11:29:04133.aymail28.exeAYMail v2.8 - Application for sending e-mail to many recipients11345042007-01-22 10:11:42134.ayspy10.zipAYSpy v1.0 for Win95/98/NT - Program that puts smart queries on Internet users and domains1638421999-09-09 08:55:09135.banzap40.exeBanner Zapper v4.0 - Unwanted banners remover for IE users5520512003-04-17 13:06:14136.bat_czh.zipCzech Help File for The Bat! Mail Client1322632000-09-13 11:05:18137.bayesit.rarBayesIt 04fm - Anti-Spam Plugin Module for TheBat! v2.01665762003-10-07 15:16:37138.bbad196.exeBinary Boy v1.96 - Usenet Binaries Downloader8394872005-08-09 12:01:01139.bbs229.zip1759171998-05-15 09:39:01140.bcom40.zipBananaCom v4.0 - Simple Communication Program1648711998-04-01 11:39:50141.befaster.zipBeFaster v3.55 for Win95/98/NT/2000/Me - Internet speed up util27592082005-08-31 11:24:28142.benalu.zipAriTech Benalu v1.10 - HTTP Experiment Program1706142000-02-03 10:26:04143.bgfax170.zipBGFAX v1.70 - FAX program for DOS, OS/2 and WIN324088921997-03-10 10:21:00144.bgs31.zipBGS v3.1 - Automatic picture downloader3516071998-01-02 11:38:36145.bizinfo2.zipBIZ Info Finder v2.0 - Intelligent Web business info finder2471411999-02-05 12:24:32146.bk12605.zipBecky! Internet Mail v1.26 - Win32 Internet E-mail Client13582242000-10-25 13:53:30147.bkmag232.zipBookmark Magic v2.32 - Internet bookmark conversion utility8585982000-05-12 10:29:12148.bkmastr2.zipEric's Bookmark Integrator v2.0 - Converter of MSIE and Netscape bookmarks by drag&drop1095171998-03-13 08:00:16149.blat240.zipBlat v2.4.0 - WinNT util to send SMTP mail from command line1310202005-03-04 19:21:18150.blkw521.exeBlackWidow v5.21 - Off-line browser and site mapping tool88100322006-06-16 13:02:38151.bm849.exeBWMeter v8.4.9 - Bandwidth meter and traffic monitor16859442020-09-17 13:44:11152.bmanl10e.zipBMAnalyzer v1.00 - Summarizing tool for net speed log data of Bandwidth Monitor23403092009-02-06 16:58:28153.bmanl10h.zipBMAnalyzer v1.00 Hun - Summarizing tool for net speed log data of Bandwidth Monitor (Hungarian edition23448232009-02-06 16:57:29154.bmconv31.zipBookmark Converter v3.1 - Netscape / MSIE bookmark converter39276822003-07-04 12:27:23155.bmm311.exeBookmark Mate v3.11 - Bookmark organizer for Win95/98/NT/20003823512000-10-31 15:12:03156.bmwiz160.zipBookmark Wizard v1.6.0 - Convert favorites to HTML4183421999-06-08 11:35:18157.bnerplus.zipBanner Plus - Util to setup banner/link exchange210521999-11-04 08:56:25158.bnr144.zipBinary News Reader v1.44 for Win9x/NT6438502001-07-19 00:00:00159.bookbmrk.zipBookmarks Plus v1.0 - Bookmark Manager1495291998-10-16 10:41:42160.bote1_5.zipBote v1.5 - Chat application for Windows2502441999-11-04 09:00:48161.bpftp259.exeBullet Proof FTP v2.59 - FTP client for Win9x/Me/NT/200032973512006-12-06 12:28:02162.bpr.zipTheBat! Password Recovery6850272007-02-23 09:55:52163.bpromo12.zipBill's Simplified Promotions v1.2 for Win95/98 - Web software promotion tool10985081999-03-16 15:06:17164.brsc32.zipBill Reid's Shortcut v1.0 - MSIE URL Shortcut Creator101001998-10-19 11:12:48165.bsm18.zipBounce Spam Mail v1.8 - Anti SPAM Utility2781901999-01-19 10:28:02166.buleleng.zipBuleleng v1.30a - POP3 Mailbox Cleaner for Win95/98/NT1395742000-02-03 10:19:17167.buzof.zip3444722001-10-25 09:31:38168.bwebcon.exeBersoft WebConnection v1.07 - Web based e-mail and virtual disk services manager4287312004-05-14 13:07:55169.bwolf200.exeBookMarx v2.00 - Netscape Bookmark File Links Verifier8810942000-05-17 08:46:05170.bw_302.zipBroadband Wizard v3.02 for Win95/98/Me/2000 - Internet connection optimizer4018802000-10-24 12:01:45171.bz15.exeBrowse And Zip for Win95/NT v1.x - ZIP plugin for Netscape/IE8537201999-04-12 08:43:07172.bz210.zipBanner Zapper v2.10 - Unwanted windows remover for Win322121912000-11-27 11:09:48173.bzftp.zipBlue Zone FTP - Windows 32-bit GUI FTP client1532151999-11-12 13:04:33174.ca6.zipCommView v6.2 for WiFi Networks - Network Analyzer106588842009-10-05 10:33:17175.ca7.zipCommView v7.3 for WiFi Networks - Network Analyzer965170432020-08-11 21:16:01176.camcol22.zipCamCollect v2.2 - Web cameras viewer for Win9x/Me/NT/20009273482002-05-27 09:47:14177.camcom.zipCam Commander v1.05 - Win32 tool for taking pictures from web camera and uploading them to web site8558122001-12-20 10:56:21178.camou121.zipCamouflage v1.2.1 - Tool to hide attachment in e-mail messages26904432001-11-26 10:50:36179.camsur.zipCamSurveillance v1.0 - Tool for monitoring IP network cameras9479882002-03-19 13:59:33180.career2.zipCareer Info Finder v2.0 - Intelligent Web job info finder2520231999-02-05 12:24:33181.ca_st101.zipCARRIER - Modem Carrier Detector225361997-02-05 08:34:45182.cbm33m.zipColumbine Bookmark Merge v3.3 - Bookmark manipulator for various web browsers6830641999-01-20 14:44:13183.cclea469.zipComplete Cleanup v4.69 - IE/Netscape cookies, cache, temp files and history cleaner9130152003-09-26 11:15:14184.cclear13.zipCommunicator Clear v1.3 - Netscape Communicator's history, cache and cookie files deletor2440812000-02-17 13:47:09185.cclink16.zipCCLINK v1.6a - Communication ports monitor1152401998-03-06 12:45:40186.cct120.zipCCTerm v1.20 - Terminal program for Win95/98622792000-03-17 09:17:16187.cctr10sh.zipCommCenter v1.0 - Telephone dialer663121996-02-05 08:58:59188.ccycr203.zipCcy Cookies Remover v2.0.3 for Win326641492004-06-01 09:27:37189.ccyot22j.zipCcy OTimer v2.2.1 - Online Timer8452482004-08-30 13:16:18190.cerbe171.zipCerberus FTP Server v1.7.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/200033017752002-02-14 13:21:46191.cf2_382.zipCFOS/OS2 v3.82 - DSL & ISDN driver for internet access and modem software for OS/23909762003-07-16 11:11:50192.cf9x524.zipCFOS/Win9x/Me v5.24 - DSL & ISDN driver for internet access and modem software for Win9x/Me10116462003-12-11 12:46:14193.cfnt524.zipCFOS/NT/2000/XP v5.24 - DSL & ISDN Driver for internet access and modem software for WinNT/2000/XP11339012003-12-11 12:45:47194.cfos382.zipCFOS/DOS v3.82 - DSL & ISDN driver for internet access and modem software for DOS5375372003-07-16 11:11:57195.cfos9x.execFos v7.20 - ISDN,DSL/PPPoE and ATM Dial-in Driver for Win 9x-Me30430962007-05-25 11:02:10196.cfosnt.execFos v7.20 - ISDN,DSL/PPPoE and ATM Dial-in Driver for Win NT-Vista32869522007-05-25 11:02:10197.cfw_382.zipCFOS/Win v3.82 - ISDN driver for internet access and modem software for Win3.x5560002003-07-16 11:15:13198.cgiedit.zipJoe's CGI Editor1545361998-03-24 14:25:48199.cgiex102.zipCGI Executor for Win95/NT v1.02517921998-04-01 11:49:33200.cgima303.zipCGI Mailer for Win95/NT v3.03 - CGI program which will receive input from web form and send mail354882000-05-15 12:52:56201.cgizip.zipCGI Zip Explorer for Win95/NT - CGI application to view the contents of zip archives via WEB browser1297211999-03-17 07:10:03202.chaname.zipCHANAME v1.0 - Computer name changer137231999-10-08 13:29:51203.checkc.zipThe Check Connected OCX - Visual Basic 5 OCX to check if you are connected to the internet1970602001-02-06 09:52:37204.chkml32.zipCheckMail32 v2.20 - POP3 mailbox checker6097991999-04-14 07:32:55205.chkweb12.zipCHECKWEB v1.1 - HTML Links Analyser685051998-03-24 14:25:48206.chromcln.exeGoogle Chrome Cleanup Tool v38.193.200129587042019-03-13 09:25:12207.cidial20.zipCiDial v2.0 - Automatic DUN connection dialer2184902000-09-19 10:44:30208.cidpag10.zipCaller ID Page v1.00 - Caller ID Monitor311121997-01-29 11:48:36209.cip500.zipCIP 5.00 SR7 - Browser accelerator for Win9x/NT/20001421182001-05-23 11:35:43210.class104.exeClassify98 v1.04 - Submission of classified ads to classified ad sites on the internet12490862000-03-13 12:27:17211.clean26.zipClean v2.6.01 - Cookies, temp and Internet files cleaner for Win328352312002-04-04 13:31:23212.cleannet.zipCleannet - BAT file to delete temporary files of Netscape16291999-03-17 07:13:36213.clrcache.zipClearCache v1.1 - Command line tool to delete temporary internet files and cookies302692003-11-19 10:16:11214.cm5217.exeCheckMail v5.21.7 - POP3 email checking tool for Windows12215602020-09-17 13:43:24215.cm897f.exeConnection Meter v8.9.7 - Program for calculation Internet connection costs (developed for Czech and Slovak users)28451842015-09-23 20:52:48216.cmfie51.zipCustom Menu v5.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - MSIE Enhancer5468062002-02-13 12:21:20217.cmfns51.zipCustom Menu v5.1 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Netscape Enhancer5521672002-02-13 12:21:21218.cnvopn10.zipConvert & Open v1.0 - URL links correction tool901222003-06-11 11:11:23219.comcap26.zipComCap v2.6 - Magenta Serial Port Capture Utility for Win9x/Me/NT/200012026392002-09-11 11:35:52220.comintre.exeComplete Internet Repair v6.0.3.5003 - Set of internet repair tools34596722020-08-27 13:23:48221.comintre.zipComplete Internet Repair v6.0.3.5003 - Set of internet repair tools 31835142020-08-27 13:23:42222.commo77.zipCOMMO v7.7 - Communication Program2097091999-01-20 14:48:15223.commpar.zipCOMMPAR - Commucate through the parallel ports493901999-02-23 11:52:13224.comps283.zipCOMPASS v2.83 - Bookmarking system for Netscape/MSIE/Opera7590722001-09-27 09:08:07225.comring.zipComRing v1.13 - Packet Driver for Serial Port58831997-11-04 10:27:32226.comsp211.zipComspeed v2.11 for Windows - Shows performance of modem612961997-05-05 12:30:19227.comspy3x.zipComSpy3x reports activities on your modem (16-bit version)823711997-02-12 09:52:51228.comspy95.zipComSpy95 reports activities on your modem (32-bit version)1393561996-10-25 08:24:01229.comvw23.zipComView v2.3 - Serial Communications Test Utility594041996-12-09 09:17:50230.conex75.zipConex v7.5 - Terminal program955392000-10-23 13:52:01231.conn42.zipConnection hangup - Util for hang-up process control2332181999-03-17 07:05:02232.convrt11.zipConvert v1.1 - German program for Conversion of Netscape Bookmarks to MS Favourites743751998-01-12 12:18:10233.convtrck.zipConversion Track v1.2 - Tool for analysis of web server log12955062004-09-06 14:39:53234.cookie26.zipCookie Crusher v2.6 - Internet Cookie Manager for Win9x10358222000-11-16 10:50:35235.cookiec.zipCookie Control - Cookies hider for Internet Explorer582971998-06-19 12:12:47236.cookiem.zipCookie Muncher - Util that allows cookies to be saved to disk1180482000-10-31 15:19:38237.copernic.zipCopernic Agent Basic v6.11 for Win95/98/NT - Query multiple search engines simultaneously35025192003-10-28 11:41:13238.count.zipOn-line Time Calculator1645521998-10-28 10:57:12239.cov.zipContacts Verifier v1.0 for Outlook 2000/XP6966042003-07-01 17:39:18240.cp108.zipConnect Pro v1.08 - Win95 application that can dial a group of POPs and finding the first available connection1133801998-12-18 11:35:32241.cpal17a.zipCookie Pal v1.7a - Internet cookie manager for Win95/98/NT44344812001-11-15 13:21:42242.cports.zipCurrPorts v1.08 - Lister of opened TCP/IP and UDP ports459942006-03-23 10:11:32243.cpurl221.exeCopyURL v2.2.1 for Win95/98/NT - Util that copies info from Internet shortcut files to clipboard2113401999-02-26 13:46:57244.crt.exeCRT v6.1.x - Telnet/rlogin client for Win9x-Vista65953522009-09-16 09:15:27245.csc4c20.zipClient/Server Communication Library for C++ v2.03211872004-10-01 08:18:58246.ctcspy30.zipCT Cookie Spy v3.0 - Win32 util for investigation of cookies4129392003-12-15 12:49:07247.ctelw350.exeCapiTel - An ISDN CAPI 2.0 based 32-bit Answering Machine and Caller-ID for Win95/98/NT7495682002-06-04 11:57:12248.ctftppro.exeCuteFTP PRO v8.0 for Win9x-XP - FTP application82130882006-08-12 19:39:31249.ctie100.zipCustomize IE v1.0 - IE Toolbar Editor263702003-06-17 10:59:22250.ctsspu50.zip4756951998-01-14 09:44:05251.curl7720.zipCurl v7.72.0 - Command line tool for transfering data specified with URL syntax60505362020-08-19 18:38:48252.custo20t.exeCusto v2.0 for Win9x/Me/NT/2000 - Util for retrieving info about the structure of a web site12489772002-05-30 13:55:49253.cutip.zipCutip - Cuts your IP address to the clipboard80451999-03-17 07:08:32254.cv6.zipCommView v6.1 for Windows - Network activity monitor101968242009-10-05 10:33:20255.cv7.zipCommView v7.0 for Windows - Network activity monitor376857142020-09-04 13:23:34256.cview283.zipCacheView v2.83 - Netscape Navigator Cache Viewer15429742007-03-26 14:25:59257.cw2.zipCountryWhois v2.0 - Tool to identify geographic location of IP addresses24996182008-01-16 09:53:42258.cweb10.zipCWEB v1.0 - MSIE toolbar buttons skinner637602000-02-02 11:37:16259.cxie450.zipCacheX for Internet Explorer v4.50 - Offline access to cached pages for Win9x/NT3140792001-12-06 12:24:24260.cxns401.zipCacheX for Netscape v4.01 - Offline access to cached pages for Win9x/NT3230402001-12-10 13:28:07261.cxop150.zipCacheX for Opera v1.50 - OFfline access to cached pages for Win9x/NT3181412001-12-06 12:24:43262.cyber25.zipCyberKit v2.5 - Network Util for Win95/98/NT9669282000-04-28 15:38:49263.cybr160.zipCyberCom v1.60 - DOS comm. program5180331996-03-12 10:52:50264.cybrcn11.exeCyberClean v1.01 - Web browsers temp files cleaner8642481999-01-08 10:54:18265.cyclone.zipCyclone - Communication program for DOS1091731997-07-15 12:57:29266.cyt36.zipCover Your Tracks v3.6 - Netscape cache, cookies & history cleaner2882532001-01-04 12:50:45267.d-urlv21.zipD-URL v2.1 - URL manager for Win9x/Me/XP632502002-01-17 10:48:28268.d4me52.exeDNS4Me v5.2 - Dynamic DNS service by RhinoSoft15137682007-09-12 09:48:39269.da35.zipDownload Accelerator v3.5 for Win9x/NT8151571999-06-10 08:39:16270.dap100.exeDownload Accelerator Plus v10.0.x for Win9x-8108182162015-02-11 16:36:44271.dawn53.zipDawn v5.3 - Various mailer client address book converter (supported are e.g. Netscape, Mozilla, Outlook, Pegasus etc.)7328572005-10-14 10:55:44272.dbx2mail.zipDbx2mail v2.0 - Tool for extracting e-mail addresses from Outlook Express folder or dbx file2518552004-11-22 13:33:08273.delcach3.zipTemporary internet files remover for MSIE 4/5757222000-05-12 10:04:38274.delcky10.zipDeleting Cookies v1.0 - Cookies Eliminator797932000-11-09 11:18:16275.detector.zipRoadkil's Detector v1.11 - Detects unauthorised network access on specified ports447572003-10-01 16:08:09276.dhcpexpl.exeDhcp Explorer v1.4.9 - Tool to discover DHCP servers on network5495842020-04-22 10:25:10277.dhcpfind.zipRoadkil's DHCP Find v1.11 - Finds the DHCP Servers on network420692003-10-01 16:09:02278.dialerp.zipDialerP v3.7 - Internet dialer for Win325804521999-03-11 15:17:24279.dialpd22.zipDialPad v2.2 - Phone dialer for Win 3.11613491996-07-12 10:44:08280.dialpr15.zipDIALER PRO v1.5 - Phone dialer for Win3/Win951907661995-12-11 10:38:57281.dialpro.zipDial Engine Pro v3.0 - Enhanced Dial-up Util for Win3222695432003-09-17 13:30:48282.dialupas.zipDialupass v1.0 - Dialup password viewer for Win9x/Me/NT170832006-03-23 10:09:28283.dig.zipDIG v1.0 - Looks up DNS information about an IP or Host name428832003-10-01 16:09:39284.digw95.zipDigiTerm v1.5 for Windows'95 - Terminal Program4734601995-09-26 09:07:07285.dirc14.zipdIRC v1.4 - IRC client for Win329691772000-05-18 10:24:39286.dlcalc11.zipDL-Calc v1.1 - Download time calculator for Win324497032002-01-10 14:02:59287.dlma185.zipDownload Mage v1.85c - Download Manager for Win322857672002-05-02 10:45:18288.dlmie103.zipDownload Minder v1.03 for MSIE - Download monitor3600111998-11-04 11:09:22289.dlmnn103.zipDownload Minder v1.03 for Netscape - Download monitor3598551998-11-04 11:09:24290.dloadtme.zipDownload Time Calculator v1.12648441999-06-02 13:17:41291.dltd31.zipDownLoad Tracker v3.1 for MSDOS3510491997-07-15 12:57:35292.dm120.zipDialMan v1.20 - Win95/NT Internet Connection Monitor1139771999-03-17 06:36:55293.dna20.zipDomain Name Analyzer v2.0 - Generate and check the availability of domain names3724572000-05-19 08:59:57294.dnspd20.zipDunSpeed v2.0 - TCP/IP connection setting adjuster for Win3210025442001-06-07 10:50:11295.dnt20.zipDNTools v2.0 - Collection of tools used with Win95/98 Dial-up Networking9655261999-03-26 07:48:18296.domchk12.zipDomain Check v1.2 - Domain name availability checker6218231999-03-31 12:45:31297.domninsp.zipDomain Inspect v1.0 - Domain name checker9115112004-09-06 14:38:49298.dosfa104.zipDosFax v1.04 - FAX software for DOS479811998-03-24 11:20:12299.downld.zipDownload - An Internet Web Page Downloading Program115521998-12-10 09:58:35300.druid21.zipDownload Druid v2.1 - Mass downloading add-on for Internet Explorer11983202003-09-02 15:37:19301.dslhost.zipDSL Web Hosting v2.50 - Dynamic DNS Client10319002006-03-23 09:55:29302.dslx8.zipDSL Speed v8.0 - Tool for optimization of DSL connection speed30803202015-02-02 12:28:29303.dsz42997.zipDSZ - Z-modem Software928211997-12-04 09:09:49304.duaxpr15.zipDUAX Pro - Dial Up Alarm Extension for Win9x6276852001-04-04 11:52:41305.dumtr730.exeDU Meter v7.30 - Internet Connection Efficiency Meter64982882018-02-12 10:53:30306.dunknow.zipDUN Know v1.01 - Tiny DUN connection visualisation tool3993752003-06-18 11:18:38307.dunman30.zipDUN Manager v3.0 - Win95/98/NT Application to Enhance Dial Up Networking and Remote Access Services15958262002-08-30 10:33:14308.dunshare.zipDial-up Networking Connection Sharer - DUN profile replicator3009441999-09-13 09:26:37309.dura112.zipDuration v1.12 - File transmittion time calculator100071997-01-27 09:44:32310.dwgdl050.exeDwg Downloader v0.50 - Downloads AutoCAD 2005 scheme which shows OLE usage example4415442012-06-27 10:26:52311.dwnaccel.exeDownload Accelerator Plus v3.9.0.8 beta - Download acceleration software9496782000-03-31 09:49:20312.dynsite.zipDynSite for Windows v1.11 - Automatic IP updater on one or many dynamic DNS services18180712003-10-15 11:37:16313.eaf.zipEmail Address Finder for Win32 v1.77912282001-10-19 11:28:26314.easycoll.zipEasySearch for Win95/98/NT - Internet searching engines shell665061999-09-17 09:10:03315.easyjump.zipEasyJump v1.4 - Auto-Complete function for IE438691998-12-18 11:53:44316.easymtu.zipEasyMTU v3.0 - Win95/98/NT TCP/IP settings optimizer3693061999-11-18 10:59:36317.easyterm.zipEasyTerm v4.1 - Terminal Emulator for Win95/NT412161998-11-27 10:39:06318.eclean20.zipE-Clean v2.0 - Get rid of unsightly chars in forwarded email6121432001-05-23 11:34:48319.ecofx210.zipECOfax v2.10 - DOS fax program for users of speech synthesisers and Braille displays1294741997-10-28 09:34:49320.ee121.zipEmail Extractor v1.21 - Tool for extraction of e-mail addresses from any file1139042005-01-29 16:57:39321.efmm.zipEF Mailbox Manager v2.60 for Win95-XP12565702006-06-01 13:31:04322.elanch10.zip1680622000-04-28 10:36:24323.emailw.zipEmail Watcher v1.1 - E-mail notification util for Win326901812002-01-09 10:36:19324.emefx16.zipEmail Effects v1.6 - Win95/98/NT program to send pics and tables with plain text via E-mail5330531999-06-17 10:50:48325.emlpro.zipEMailing List Pro v3.0 - Program for creating and managing list of contacts and sending E-mail message to all addresses2776222000-07-11 11:17:12326.emlsec.zipEmail Security v2.7 - Private SMTP server for Windows12740792006-06-07 11:33:27327.emx10.zipEMX v1.0 - Extracts E-mail addresses from text files and web pages551871999-03-17 06:34:38328.enigma36.zipEnigma v3.6 - Fast free Internet browser for Win9x4002182000-12-01 09:38:31329.ent4.zipEssential NetTools v4.4 - Network & System Toolkit for Windows84838302020-08-11 21:11:06330.eosit170.zipEyeOnSite v1.7.0 - Win9x/NT/2000/XP tool for checking if selected servers live8099672005-06-30 19:48:40331.epr.zipEudora Password Recovery7108272007-01-02 12:32:17332.eprom.zipePrompter v1.02 - E-mail Notification Utility for Win325611102000-08-11 07:57:51333.eremov24.zipE-mail Remover v2.4 - 32-bit wizard for unwanted mails deleting2045851998-09-24 14:25:37334.eresq13.zipE-Res-Q v1.3 - E-mail Rescue Tool2316062002-07-04 13:57:56335.esstls2.zipEssential Tools v3.1 for Win3214867542002-09-06 11:51:09336.estop330.zipeSTOP! v3.30 - Tool to be able to cutoff established network connection between two computers8757562003-11-13 14:59:51337.etoolz.7zeToolz v4.5.1 - Network tools incl. DNS Lookup, Ping, TraceRoute and Whois3702032020-05-20 17:54:13338.etrn10.zipETRN v1.0 - Util that send ETRN instruction to a mail server to dequeuing any mail waiting1233281998-11-05 07:58:29339.eudor71.exeEudora v7.1.x - E-mail client for Win32174161842006-10-06 10:51:02340.eumal911.zipEudora Mail Summarizer v9.111462761999-11-29 13:23:51341.europ400.exeEuroPromote v4.0beta - Allow users to add their own submission scripts to the database of sites that are avail. for submission15073371999-04-12 08:45:34342.evrox.exeEvrox v2.0 - Internet connection speed-up tool13752172003-06-09 11:29:42343.ewca180.zipEweb Cache v1.80 - Web cache browsing tool for Win323512682002-01-14 13:37:35344.ewolf100.exeE-mail Wolf v1.00 - E-mail address searching utility8407101998-06-15 08:33:40345.exalert.zipExAlert v1.0 for Windows Messenger - New message notifier3551302003-07-01 Professional ver.107 - Czech internet connection tarification tool for Win329280292002-08-03 19:50:17347.eye.zipAlchemy Eye v11.5 - Server monitoring tool for Windows60415282012-04-10 12:41:04348.eyepro.zipAlchemy Eye PRO v11.5 - Server monitoring tool for Windows62098882012-04-10 12:41:06349.eyesk.zipAlchemy Eye v2.7 - Server (TCP/IP,ICMP,Oracle) Monitoring Util (version dedicated for Slovak market)10156382001-09-21 11:31:25350.ezcom30.zipeZcom v3.0 - Windows communication program1190941996-10-10 11:02:28351.ezdial.zipEZDialler v1.01 - DUN Connections Selector2668021999-10-19 09:11:08352.ezftch15.zipEasyFetcher v1.5 for Win95/NT - File retrieving utility from Internet390951999-03-16 15:45:05353.ezmath11.zipEzMath v1.1 - Mathematical language plugin for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator1398202001-05-09 11:16:29354.f5704skx.exeFirefox v57.0.4 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit) 396522002018-01-05 08:55:11355.f5802skx.exeFirefox v58.0.2 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)403040402018-02-08 10:11:44356.f5903skx.exeFirefox v59.0.3 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit) 399273522018-05-02 18:26:57357.f6002skx.exeFirefox v60.0.2 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)395325442018-06-06 19:33:04358.f6102skx.exeFirefox v61.0.2 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)399892082018-08-20 22:12:07359.f6203skx.exeFirefox v62.0.3 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)408997282018-10-03 11:15:38360.f6303skx.exeFirefox v63.0.3 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)450454562018-11-16 12:55:29361.f6402skx.exeFirefox v64.0.2 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)454292402019-01-10 13:11:23362.f6502skx.exeFirefox v65.0.2 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)463408402019-02-28 19:02:50363.f6605skx.exeFirefox v66.0.5 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)466137202019-05-08 11:27:44364.f6704skx.exeFirefox v67.0.4 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)477329602019-06-20 12:40:52365.f6802skx.exeFirefox v68.0.2 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)488177202019-08-14 13:30:10366.f6903skx.exeFirefox v69.0.3 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)495664482019-10-10 18:44:46367.f7001skx.exeFirefox v70.0.1 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)525519602019-10-31 21:30:58368.f7100skx.exeFirefox v71.0.0 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)524556482019-12-03 18:41:06369.f7201skx.exeFirefox v72.0.1 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)520691842020-01-08 19:28:18370.f7300skx.exeFirefox v73.0.0 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)521378402020-02-10 15:53:57371.f7401skx.exeFirefox v74.0.1 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)523854162020-04-03 18:05:18372.f7500skx.exeFirefox v75.0.0 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)528113522020-04-06 17:23:51373.f7601skx.exeFirefox v76.0.1 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)530597682020-05-12 10:37:40374.f7701skx.exeFirefox v77.0.1 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)537063362020-06-03 14:03:20375.f7802skx.exeFirefox v78.0.2 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)554074242020-07-09 14:48:57376.f7900skx.exeFirefox v79.0.0 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)557296402020-07-27 13:29:56377.f8001skx.exeFirefox v80.0.1 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)564544402020-09-01 10:44:45378.f8100skx.exeFirefox v81.0.0 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win (64-bit)567980162020-09-21 10:31:39379.faf141.zipFree Altavista Free v1.41 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Altavista Free Access Banner Killer6173072000-09-28 10:34:03380.fanfax11.zip1235071996-11-13 08:47:37381.faqbase.zipFAQ-Base v2.0 - View and/or download computer and Internet- related FAQ's15673882001-09-10 11:42:11382.fastav.zipFastAV v1.0 for Win9x/NT/2000/Me - IE add-on to search internet and translate English texts to other languages3519102000-11-27 11:26:30383.fastip.zipFastIP v1.0 - Current IP address finder for Win321656722000-10-25 13:49:50384.faview.zipFavoritesView v1.00 - IE Favorites and Mozilla Bookmarks Viewer407332006-03-23 09:49:50385.faxasx.exeFaxAmatic - Complete faxing tool for Win3260454402012-01-30 17:19:14386.faxhvn60.zipFAXHAVEN v6.0 for DOS - FAX utility6671061998-09-17 08:31:07387.faxit10.zipFaxIt v1.0 - Faxes ASCII and WP5.1 files2246561996-10-10 11:02:40388.faxmil20.zipFaxMill v2.0 - Fax/document management system14583101996-08-14 10:14:53389.faxscan2.zipFax Machine as Scanner v2.00 by authors of FaxMail for Win31361997-04-14 08:57:32390.fbps.zipFast Browser Pro - Web Browser for Win98/Me/2000/XP16493052003-12-15 12:46:52391.fbrows17.zipForm Browser v1.7 - Tool for filling out online forms1570501999-10-14 09:17:43392.fcon.zipForever Connected v2.3 - Intelligent interface for MS Internet Dial Up Networking215531998-12-04 11:12:59393.fd410.exeFlexiblesoft Dialer v4.10 - Dial-up Centrum for Win9x/Me/NT/2K22790432006-08-15 11:37:55394.felix25.zipFelix v2.5 - Communication program (in German)5250771996-10-10 11:02:07395.ff3628sk.exeFirefox v3.6.28 - Slovak version of Internet Browser for Win89480482012-03-08 11:51:33396.ffdt.exeFirefox Download Tool v1.4.1.22 - Tool to download specific version of Firefox browser3485282019-07-26 19:15:28397.ffxp444.exeFlashFXP v4.4.4 - FTP, FTPS, SFTP & FXP Client for WinXP-747133202014-06-09 10:23:35398.ffxp540.exeFlashFXP v5.4.0 - FTP, FTPS, SFTP & FXP Client for WinXP-880652642017-04-03 10:30:55399.fg196en.exeFlashGet v1.96 - Fast download manager for Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP46532402007-09-25 21:55:53400.filhound.zipFileHound v1.2a - File downloading add-on for web browsers2779391998-05-14 09:49:37401.firfx20.exeFirefox v2.0.0.20 - Alternative Internet Browser for Win3260481522009-02-04 13:10:33402.firfx401.exeFirefox v4.0.1 - Internet Browser for Windows125219922011-04-29 13:39:54403.firfx501.exeFirefox v5.0.1 - Internet Browser for Windows136859362011-07-12 15:34:26404.firfx701.exeFirefox v7.0.1 - Internet Browser for Windows140458002011-11-08 13:21:28405.firfx801.exeFirefox v8.0.1 - Internet Browser for Windows147612242011-11-27 11:07:20406.firfx901.exeFirefox v9.0.1 - Internet Browser for Windows152922082011-12-22 09:24:21407.flashcap.zipFlashCapture v1.5 - MSI add-on to manipulate with Flash files13014632003-05-21 09:06:03408.flexwiz.zipFlexWizard v1.2 - Site management via e-mail6136442003-02-25 12:31:01409.flscr161.zipFull Screen for Netscape v1.61 - Button for full screen mode3383501999-02-04 13:54:41410.fm50en.exeFoxMail v5.0 - English version of Chinese E-mail client39878372004-06-28 12:17:06411.fmfax.exeFax Mail for Win3265205922012-01-30 17:19:34412.fmnfax.exeFax Mail Network for Win3260495762012-01-30 17:19:24413.fnm260.zipNet Monitor v2.60 - Free Internet Connection Monitoring Tool7872242000-09-13 10:32:15414.foned213.zipDOS phone dialer & logger v2.132188341996-06-24 10:14:11415.fonew352.zipWindows phone dialer & logger v3.523773631998-07-08 09:23:39416.foxnt111.zipFoxNet v1.0c - Fox Pro CGI Connector883721999-05-06 08:40:44417.freefsp.zipFreeFSP - FSP Client for Windows909821999-03-16 15:38:23418.freeprox.zipFreeProxy v1.0 for Win9x/NT/2000 - Free proxy for LAN708962000-11-02 10:43:57419.freshdow.exeFresh Download v8.79 - Download manager for Windows21512582012-10-01 11:16:31420.frf5704x.exeFirefox v57.0.4 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)386024162018-01-05 08:54:32421.frf5802x.exeFirefox v58.0.2 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)392179762018-02-08 10:11:24422.frf5903x.exeFirefox v59.0.3 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)393636482018-05-02 18:25:37423.frf6002x.exeFirefox v60.0.2 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)389727442018-06-06 19:31:41424.frf6102x.exeFirefox v61.0.2 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)394010242018-08-20 22:10:37425.frf6203x.exeFirefox v62.0.3 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)402704162018-10-03 11:15:23426.frf6303x.exeFirefox v63.0.3 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)443960802018-11-16 12:55:14427.frf6402x.exeFirefox v64.0.2 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)447664882019-01-10 13:11:11428.frf6502x.exeFirefox v65.0.2 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)456938882019-02-28 19:01:16429.frf6605x.exeFirefox v66.0.5 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)459605682019-05-08 11:25:59430.frf6704x.exeFirefox v67.0.4 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)470261442019-06-20 12:39:05431.frf6802x.exeFirefox v68.0.2 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)480888642019-08-14 13:28:37432.frf6903x.exeFirefox v69.0.3 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)495664482019-10-10 18:41:26433.frf7001x.exeFirefox v70.0.1 - Internet Browser for Windows (64-bit)514381522019-10-31 21:29:07434.frf7100x.exe
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Mail List King v1.23 serial key or number

Location: The South of nowhere
Amiga serial numbers

Lots of Amiga software have required serial numbers to enable full functionality. As time passes by, many of those serial numbers get lost, and become impossible to obtain from its long gone vendors/authors.

The following is my current list of Amiga serial numbers, collected over the years. Please contribute to this list, so that we have an updated one for the community.

ADPro 2.5.1 02-140-029-9234 Amiga1200 Magic 3435020 Amiga1200 Magic 3435703 Amiga1200 Magic 3441833 Amiga Writer 1 EW/6j44-07g4Gf-61 Amiga Writer 2 AW/52L-097f2-G5L0 AmigaLoad Mellon AmiMasterGear 0.51 28765814 AmiWrite 1.0 9239830 ArtStudio Pro 135694565 ArtStudio Pro 3 15398230047741143 AWeb-II 2.1 A0000008 AWeb-II 3.2 A3001872 Boing Bag 3.9 #1 93ABDF11 Boing Bag 3.9 #2 3FB6986B-B0AD6339-4FF3254B Burn It 165481232 Burn It 2.65 DAO 297514944 Candy Factory Pro 58750001279299311 Cinema 4D 166601933874 Cinema 4D 2.1 909731071319 Cinema 4D 3.0 592447741119 Cinema 4D 4.2 16110502929-3973A7 Cinema 4D 177558133244 CrossDOS 6.06 - 6.4 IUCA-Q3L9 CrossDOS 7.04 JWS-DIT CrossMAC U0RO-KNFE CrossMAC IORO-KNFE Databench 8916753 Data Becker Sherlock 1.2 ABBSL444554722000000000000-1 Datastore V1.1 3435703 Deluxe Paint 4.5 340335EA071185 Deluxe Paint V 12642205EA593355 Deluxe Paint V 12642205EA633570 Deluxe Paint V 12642205EA582255 DiamondCaves II 1.4 wgkAjy=GHIJK2bmdpn-Q98GHIJKka Diavolo 3.2 55109517806393029 Diavolo 3.4 47069626816513040 Directory Opus 5.x 1111UJUHJ0584111111 Directory Opus 5.x 9999QTHHF9128999999 Directory Opus 5.5 6206AFIDK8952863880 Directory Opus Mage. 5.61 7854ULHJC7456444730 Directory Opus Mage. 5.661 1275HGLGY4863440036 Directory Opus Mage. 5.661 1998DMNBC0704472838 Directory Opus Magellan II 7854ULHJC7456444730 Directory Opus Magellan II 7995yaxka4745470350 Directory Opus Magellan II 1999JGOEN2192470805 Directory Opus Magellan II 1999ZLIZO5183440000 Diskfull 40550GIAB6 DiskProtection 1.2 H...42Ne(eR6(Kg6(pU6)nflHHgiy DITO Name: Dirk Holtwick ID: 2931833310 Dogs of War (demo version) Name: englische Version S/N: 544744478001 Drawstudio 2 18323 Eye Viewer 2.1 Name: coderblackjack S/N: BMNs6ZFaBiIo5Ig7py2KjeQw8KhzCtQvpxBzE0L4J313 Fantastic Dreams 23528955872032387 Freespace 3Ag8-VV2E-APMNL-1D7U -=Released by Acill of Lightforce=- FxPaint 2.0 5E80EDDF1F0EC62F777 GhettoFight 1.2 Mego-Ed. 2026-15102004-1012 (need for HDD install with WB 2.0 or newer) Globaltrash 1.2 Name: D S/N: 13 IBrowse 100-11889-511 IDEFix 97 3.5 NAME: PWR005776 EMAIL: Power Computing KEY: 7E9AD5F0A3D4921D IDEFix 97 3.5 NAME: PWR006282 EMAIL: Power Computing KEY: 3D33054A3F056A0B IDEFix 97 3.5 Name: PWR005175 Email: Power Computing Key: 8114051B4AD795E5 IDEFix 97 3.5 Name: PWR003896 Email: Power Computing Key: 4AC3C324A6D6B448 King's Quest III 272668080400862 MABroadcast 4564564 MakeCD H2F3HdbFMtf9bcYkReqMB)xSZz6g9 cancelled in version 3.1 MakeCD H2F3Hqn57YRrGk.(IREc)rsbjTC?2</A> MakeCD DAO Serial Number: 555555555 Key: H8HsRww)7Uz)!iXE5PUMfgP#VymA6 MathCAD 7.0 MN100000AY0000 MaxDOS 999999 Money Matters 3395460 Monzoom Pro 9200008280 or 8210518427 Monzoom Pro 3260028260 MUIWBPattern Name: Martin Sprenger S/N: 1867945623 MultiCX add the tooltype I_AM_REGISTERED=42 to the MultiTerm 4.0 2007ea010031 MultiTerm 5.0 3102cd005498 NcodeR 1.50 1469840181 NetConnect 2 01633-416783400384 NetConnect 2 00970-361690391031 NetConnect 3 01358-yw6sf-cxhbh-p75tb-kazdn-xrmhb-iro7l-jdd7l-umgpn-huclj-6514h-ocneh-guukj-yputf-amb7d-rtphg-ljlkn-98641 OpalPaint C-23.%4C Organiser 1.1 3435703 Organiser 2.0 199999 PageStream REGNUM: 555555 PASS: t2e5uqeq8 PageStream 3 reg number: 546785 Password: txppw2xq8 PageStream 3 reg number: 536503 Password: tx6uiycr8 Payback 5E9F-4ADF-EF3D-9AD2-BF3E PC-Task 81634 PFS 2 0916003327 PFS 2 0915963537 PFS 3 0783507955 Photogenics 1.2 309917351 Photogenics 2.0 1271454HR Photogenics 2.0 1232673ET Photogenics 2.0 4666666KR Photogenics 2.0 2901860CC PhotoPlayer 1.34f 23A161B3 PhotoWorX 1.71 1200 PhotoWorX 4 77300115 PhotoWorX 5.2 240F47CA PrintManager 3435703 Prometheus 1.251 12614 Quake (Amiga) 110319 Reflections 3 & 4 8210623022 Reflections 4 029093883 Reflections 4 5240406284 RipIt 2.1 2A4C-6JAR32-ZX-08-15 Samplitude Opus anFq7aDFba2qq0BqCaFAa0pEa0mAqFqFqFqFqFoF Sexual Masters Hollywood Name: by King-Pascha S/N: 5541444415541-SEX SiegfriedAntiVirus 000105095 SiegfriedCopy 000201372 SiegfriedCopy 000202393 SimpleFTP 2.46 Name: Hacked S/N: 14976 StFax 00949184060031150585 StFax 3.0 53807219822194262184 STFax 3.7 51807219822094262193 STFax 3.8 00954148080042107850 StormC PPC STCDSKNC04827 Studio 2.x 31521112 Strip Fighter game 1.0 S/N: Dildo for play with secret player. SWOS Ed Name: Amiga Community S/N: 99999 Note: to get registered, add the tooltypes: REG1=ftaui3asddaa80j2rd3c REG2=bmq1ipga24cn6v4k24nl REG3=hb933g9ejd3pmhm6bh51 REG4=jf9q5a3c0kasvmhjkjai Termite TCP 0996104501541 Termite TCP 1.60 1297150503372 Title Page 1.0 000993 TurboCalc 3.5 3435703 Turboprint 042625 Turboprint 064256 Turboprint 2 580117 TurboPrint 5.01 E043306 TurboPrint 6 046761 TurboPrint 6.02 040502 TurboPrint 7.16 E051668 TurboPrint 7.20 E711346 TVPaint LYFI-360AMNFR-0669 Typesmith 2.5b 7xxxxx where "x" is any Number wixxer 666 (UbiSoft) 0815-0815 Wordworth 2 SA1173105 Wordworth 3.1SE 2438791 WordWorth 4 SE 3435703 Wordworth 4.0d 2407684 Wordworth 5 2407377 Wordworth 7 2470210 Wordworth Office 127251

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